Other Web Design

Various Websites I've designed.

Here are a few smaller web projects I have done.


The VsTheBrain website went through many iterations. It served primarily as a utilitarian site for our videos and work to live, but with this last version, I took the time to distill the site to the essence of what we needed, cleaned up the clutter, refined the typography, and came up with something that was clear, simple, and effective. I was responsible for the visual layout and design of this site, which was implemented in a modified Cargo Collective site.

Mitchell Thorson

Hannah and Mitchell

After Hannah and I got married, I made a simple little placeholder website that gave some details about our wedding and what we were up to. It replaced our wedding website I had made. It was an opportunity for me to play around with full-width images, responsive design, and css transitions (re-size the window to see 'em). I designed the visual layout, and built the site by hand using HTML5 and CSS.

Mitchell Thorson
Mitchell Thorson